Memphis Grizzlies: What’s Next?

The Memphis Grizzlies certainly fought hard, but fell to the San Antonio Spurs in the first round of the playoffs (again). After an impressive push on the second best team in the league, the Grizzlies may be just one piece away from playoff contention. It's almost summer, but what will that mean for Memphis? Contracting … Continue reading Memphis Grizzlies: What’s Next?

OKC Thunder: What’s Next?

The Oklahoma City Thunder were knocked out of the playoffs Tuesday night, and Westbrook's awe-inspiring MVP candidacy came to a close. It was one for the books, and arguably the best single player season we've seen in years. The season is over for this team, but a chance to do it all over again, lies … Continue reading OKC Thunder: What’s Next?

Tales from Free Agency: Rose Returns?

Sunday night, the Chicago Bulls took on the Boston Celtics at home in the United Arena. Former point guard Derrick Rose was seen in the stands, for the first time since being traded to New York. He received a standing ovation, and even had a short chat with franchise owner Jerry Reinsdorf. Derrick Rose will … Continue reading Tales from Free Agency: Rose Returns?

Halftime Hot Take: Gerald Green!

Prior to the start of Game 4 , we learned Gerald Green was set to return to the starting lineup after his 8-point performance in Game 3. No one was ready (especially not the Bulls) for what would come next. At the half, the Celtics lead 57-46 , and Gerald Green is on a tear, … Continue reading Halftime Hot Take: Gerald Green!

Round 2: Cleveland’s Options

The Cleveland Cavaliers successfully pulled off a series sweep over the Indiana Pacers and are advancing to the second round. Who's the more optimal match up for LeBron and the Cavaliers? The Milwaukee Bucks are a young, but yet very dangerous team. Giannis Antetokounmpo is making his case for Most Improved Player, and has averaged: (21.3) points, (10) rebounds, (4.5) … Continue reading Round 2: Cleveland’s Options