NA LCS Summer Split Kickoff

The NA LCS picks up again this weekend with the opening of the 2017 Summer Split so it’s an exciting time for League of Legends.

This is the Split that actually determines which teams will represent North America at worlds this year. And with the rather expected/boring ending of the spring split, I hope this split hold more excitement and typically the summer split does as temperatures rise since there is much more at stake this split. Continue reading

Player Spotlight: Kevin Love

Once a franchise player for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Kevin Love has taken on a lesser role with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

However, last night in Game 1 against Boston, Love stole the show; recording a playoff career-high and was dropping bombs from behind the arc.

A look at the most underrated big man’s season with the Cleveland Cavaliers:

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NA LCS Finals: Thoughts and Predictions

With this weekend being Finals, the North American LCS 2017 Spring Split will soon come to a conclusion with the 3rd place match between Phoenix 1 and FlyQuest and the 1st place match between Team Solo Mid and Cloud 9.

Meaning that the split will come to an upsetting and predictable end. Upsetting not because I dislike the teams in the finals (this shows that they are the best in the region and thus deserved the spot), but rather because I feel that we all wanted something different, given that this year’s finals is simply a mirror of the 2016 Summer Split.

The regular split and finals thus far were full of excitement and upsets only to end on the same terms as last time. It does however give these two teams (which let’s be honest are the best hope this region has to win internationally) a chance to gain momentum going into summer spit and possibly worlds.

The winners will also earn a spot in the 2017 MSI where they will test the waters against the international teams they will most likely see at worlds. As far as which team I think will win, I have to go with TSM.


Though they had a rough beginning this split, TSM has shown significant progress as a team. They came in with a new ADC and it really seemed to mess them up at first. But since TSM WildTurtle has settled in to his past home the team is functioning as well as ever.

Whereas C9 synergized from the start with their new top lane they steadily lost their lead towards the end. And though they seem to have fixed their problems (judging from their 3-0 victory against P1) I still feel as though TSM is stronger at this point.

Given that TSM Hauntzer has shown time and time again he can survive (and mostly win) against anything a team can throw (It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a top lane 2v1 so well) and with TSM Bjergsen being able to stomp anyone in the region who is put in his lane, I see little room for C9 outside of bot lane (where TSM should be able to hold the line as well).

But seeing that TSM likes to throw the first games in these matches then sweep the next 3 I suspect the series will end 3-1 TSM (maybe 3-2 if things don’t go as planned one game).

After Finals the team that wins will compete at MSI where they face off against the winner of the splits around the world and where the season gets truly exciting.

NA LCS Promotional Tournament Wrap-Up

The last few weeks have been stressful for every team in the North American professional scene as they prepare for playoffs. But the teams with the hardest week were those competing in the promotional tournament this past weekend.

The winners of which are given a spot in the North American LCS Summer Split and a chance to compete for a spot at the World Champions. Team Liquid of course, competed in the LCS this past spring split, and though they fixed many problems with the movement of Piglet to Mid lane and the addition of DoubleLift as ADC, they still fell short due to their poor performance in the beginning of the spit.

Team Envy on the other habitually showed poor macroplay that allowed teams with less individual talent to out scale the typically strong individual players in Envy. These teams competed against the first and second place of the Challenger Series Spring Split.

Team Liquid played against first place eUnited and Team Envy faced off against the second place Gold Coin United.

Going into this series I wasn’t sure what to expect. Both LCS teams had the potential to win but could have easily fallen short had they not showed up to play. The first matches saw a Team Liquid win (with DoubleLift and Piglet winning at this level isn’t surprising) and a Gold Coin United win (also not surprising).

These teams then faced off against each other. But Team Liquid was able to pull the win (3-2) leaving Gold Coin United to play against Team Envy who were able to eliminate eUnited. Envy Tried to throw the games but were able to pull out a win, keep their spot and return to the LCS along with Team liquid.

I can’t say these games weren’t close and the challenger teams played well but they fell just short, but the promotional was just the beginning of the playoff season.

This weekend is the beginning of the NA LCS spring playoffs, where Counter Logic Gamming will play against FlyQuest and Phoenix 1 will play against Team Dignitas. So I’m sure many surprises are in store in the coming weeks.