Devin Booker’s Big Night

The Phoenix Suns have had nothing short of a rough season. In the most Suns like fashion, they took an L Friday night, but Devin Booker won. Now in his sophomore season, Devin Booker has shown signs before of potential to be a prolific scorer in this league. I would almost dare to compare him to … Continue reading Devin Booker’s Big Night

Will the Suns Rise Again in Phoenix?

For now, the Phoenix Suns sit as the worst team in the Western Conference (record wise). With a record of 18-41, the Sun's season has set, but the future may be bright. Last season, Phoenix finished with a 23-59 record behind (afterwards fired) coach Jeff Hornacek. The first season with newly signed agent Tyson Chandler, … Continue reading Will the Suns Rise Again in Phoenix?